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it3D Magazine #2 - Fall 2015

Figures don't lie! Investments in Virtual and Augmented Reality are increasing and the global market in the next years is promising.

However, we will reach this goal if we continue to democratize the uses of these technologies. The aim of it3D Magazine is actually in line with this goal: share user experience, some technical challenges, new solutions, ROI proof...

As you know, the uses multiply and these solutions are no longer reserved only for Major Accounts. The democratization of technologies, standardization of solutions, user feedbacks and many compelling experiences are key factors that facilitate the deployment of collaborative and immersive 3D in large and medium-size companies, or the SMEs, to bring new growth and sources of innovation.

Through this second edition, we are proud to deliver a wide-range of varied articles: industrial use cases, including a special report on the Factory of the Future - real challenge for the future of production - and dedicated innovative augmented reality solutions that allow an improvement of business performance, making them even more competitive and innovative.

We would like also to highlight few experiences of renowned industrial users, like Alstom Transport and Volvo Trucks to give a concrete approach of their daily use of Virtual Reality.

We hope you will enjoy this second issue of it3D Magazine. We would also like to thank all contributors and partners who helped make this project real.


 New products and solutions

 Augmented Reality for the Factory of the Future

 Users testimonials

 Photo essay : Technocampus Smart Factory

 Virtual Reality applications

 BIM BANG: why BIM and 3D mockups are key factors for AEC

 Technology Focus

 it3D event 2015

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Thank you to all the Contributors of it3D Magazine:

Cédric Bellanger (Optis), Franck Bonard (Testia), Aurélien Cottet (Testia), Quentin George (Aspitech), Ionel Grecescu, Nouha Hichri (Art Graphique & Patrimoine), Sebastian Knödel (Diota), Matthieu Lépine (Immersion), Sophie Levionnois (Technocampus Smart Factory), Eric Menou (Diginext), Xavier Merlhiot (CEA List), Tangi Meyer (ESI Group), Frédéric Rabellino (Volvo Trucks), Laëtitia Richez (Immersion), Jean-Luc Ros (Volfoni), Jérôme Verschave (Aérocampus Aquitaine)

Thank you to all the Partners and Advertisers of it3D Magazine:

ART GmbH, Barco, BPI France, DeltaCAD, Diginext, ESI Group, HP, Immersion, Mimbus, Optis, PNY, Techviz, Testia