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it3D Magazine #1

it3D Magazine is a free digital magazine dedicated to Immersive & Collaborative 3D solutions, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for professional uses and written by the best international specialists of the domain.

Through this first issue of it3D Magazine, you can find numerous industrial use cases, including a special report on the Factory of the Future - real challenge for the future of production - and dedicated innovative solutions allowing an improvement of business performance, making them even more competitive and innovative.

We also focus on a field where 3D is booming: building and construction. Like PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in industry, the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming more widespread in the construction and 3D immersive and collaborative solutions provide new opportunities for better design and respond to the issues of tomorrow.


 Trends and more

 Immersive and Collaborative 3D solutions for the Factory of the Future

 CAVE, the ultimate immersive Virtual Reality experience

 Immersion, interaction & collaboration around the digital mockup: experiential revelations of BIM

 Technology Focus

 New products and solutions

 'inspirience the 3D - it3D' 2014

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Thank you to all the Contributors of it3D Magazine:

Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière (Immersion), Stefanie Gehrke (SMI), Aurélien Gohier (ESI-Group), Jérôme Hamacher (Volfoni), Thomas Jouhanneau (Metaio), Sébastien Kuntz (I’M IN VR), Matthieu Lépine (Immersion), Bernard Mendiburu (Volfoni), Eric Menou (Diginext), Kayvan Mirza (Optinvent), Jérôme Perret (Haption), Armin Weiss (ART)

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ART GmbH, Barco, CEA, City of Bordeaux, Diginext, ESI Group, HP, I’M IN VR, Immersion, Light & Shadows, Lumiscaphe, Nvidia, PNY, Région Aquitaine, Techviz, Volfoni